• Today I got my first oil change for my car, I only waited twenty minutes so that was great!
  • Dropped by my second job and found out that the blue shirt they told me to buy needed to be black…As if I hadn’t spent enough money on getting everything I need for these jobs.
  • My second shift at my first new job was really intimidating. My trainer didn’t show up tonight so I was shadowing this guy whose last day is tomorrow. And by the way, he had seven tables when everyone else had three. I don’t feel like his teaching meshed well with my learning style, and that’s not to say he wasn’t good. He was/is a great waiter, made bank, and seems like a really put together kind of person. He’s very fast paced, I hope I can be as good as him. I guess I’m actually just worried that I won’t be anywhere near that good. Also, MICROS is complicated, I could scream it’s so UGH!

I’m worried I can’t juggle everything, having a moment of doubt. I hate when I fall short of the expectations I have for myself. I hate feeling like a disappointment, nothing makes me sadder. Ballads are the best when I feel this way, and I advise everyone multiple shots of ballads for curing sadness. Belt it out guys! Let it all go and don’t be afraid how it sounds, just sing it. Scream it.

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